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July 23, 2014- Livestock for Livelihoods: A Congressional Event

9:00am-10:30am EDT

Russell Senate Office Building-Room 485

Washington, DC

Livestock plays a critical role in building the livelihoods of resource poor communities in the developing world.  They are a source of food, income, employment, and capital asset.  Despite this critical role, the smallholder livestock sector has been sidelined in many agricultural development efforts, receiving little to no development dollars.  This one-day summit, co-hosted by the Alliance to End Hunger and Heifer International, proposes to:

  • Raise awareness of US administration, policy makers, and development organizations on the role of livestock in agricultural development, particularly on the livelihoods of smallholder farmers;
  • Highlight animal-based protein and micro-nutrients in human nutrition;
  • Discuss holistic and complimentary approaches to smallholder agriculture;
  • Build on the experience and technical expertise of Heifer International and other livestock organizations to design/shape development effort for smallholder farmers globally.

To view the latest speaker lineup and agenda, please click here.





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